Can't compile openFrameworks Ubuntu 18.04

Today I was trying to test one of the shader examples in the copy of openFrameworks that I’ve been using. I built the first example and got a bunch of errors so I downloaded a fresh copy of openFrameworks. I installed all the dependencies without issue. Then when I try to compile openFrameworks I get a massive wall of errors. I put it in the pastebin at the bottom because it’s so much, but I don’t have a clue what to do or what to look at to fix this.

this is a known problem and should be fixed if you download the nightly builds instead of the normal downloads. it was only happening on arch linux which has really new versions of the libraries but if it’s already happening on ubutu i’ll look into doing a new release with these fixes

I tried to flag the post for deletion, but I think it was my drivers. I was fiddling with wine and lutris the other day and I believe that caused the issue. I reinstalled ubuntu and downloaded the version on the website again and its working just fine. If I run into any problems in the future I’ll give the nightly builds a go.

oh ok, thanks, yeah you probably had installed a newer version of GLEW which throws error with 0.10.1 or earlier