Can't compile on QtCreator Windows (0.9.0 RC2)

I’ve done a lot of development on OF on a Mac and have not run into any problems. Today, I was trying to setup OF on a windows machine with QtCreator to compile my OF app but it won’t even start to compile the examples.

I followed the instructions on

I have msys2 installed and updated. I added the gcc compiler from msys2 to QtCreator, created a new kit to use the msys2 compiler, then updated the project to use the new kit. But when I try to compile an example project, it fails with “This makefile does not support your operating system.” Looking at, I see that it’s failing to check my platformOS. I checked uname -s in msys2 and it shows MINGW64_NT, and I see that it is in the makefile. So what am I missing? Why is the correct platformOS not being passed for compiling in QtCreator?


Nevermind. Figured it out. Turns out msys2 has to be in the system path for QtCreator to compile OF projects. Manually adding the g++ compiler did not work.