Can't compile ofxOSC iOS examples (using OF github repo)

Hi, I get some errors when compiling the examples, also with my project, that I am ‘migrating’ from OSX & RPi to iOS.

I commented about this issue in:

I am using all (OSX, 10.10, Xcode, and OF github repo) up to date.
It’s working fine in the OF 0.8.4 iOS version.

any idea?


are the oscpack related implementation .cpp files in the project? from the errors it looks like they’re not.


Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
  "SocketReceiveMultiplexer::DetachSocketListener(UdpSocket*, PacketListener*)", 

refers to the method implemented in: ip/posix/UdpSocket.cpp, and so forth…

the iOS release zip package contains xcode project files that are set up correctly; maybe there is a bug or mistake in the process of generating the xcode project off the github version somewhere?

For my project I just used/started with the iOS ‘emptyExample’, because I think there’s no project generator for iOS (like the one in OSX). Correct me if there is another way to start a project from scratch.

Then, I added the ofxAddons (ofxOSC included) with the OFPlugin ‘Xcode ofxAddons manager’.

Also, I have generated all the iOS examples, ofxOSC ones too. So the project it’s already generated by the script that generates all the examples… The other examples are working fine.

I can work with the 0.8.4 version, but I am interested to use the OF github repo to manage the retina things easy.

EDIT: Another problem of not using the github repo on the iOS version, is that the OSX and RPi versions must have different ‘setups’ in some aspects; like in main.cpp or GL windowing. Then I can’t update all the versions together.

If the ofxAddons manager performs something similar to dragging and dropping the required addon folder into the project, then one potential issue that might come up is that not only the iOS-related source files get added - in particular, do you see a win32 folder within oscpack/ip in your project? If so, does deleting it from the project help?

I used to run into similar issues working with ofxOSC in the past - and it sounds like a very similar situation: the pre-configured project files would work, but if I manually started from the empty project example and tried to add ofxOSC myself, I end up with a number of linking errors associated with oscpack…

Let me know if this helps!

ok! I’ll check this as soon as I can and I will tell you about it. Thanks

I just checked the iOS OSC examples projects and my project; I do not see any win32 folder inside his addons/ofxOSC folder.

Anyway, i just synced the OF repository and nothing is working now on iOS… (some errors with ofAppiOSWindow::slight_smile: Maybe they’re working on some big updating or something… I must wait maybe, and I’ll check again.

PD: Are you usually using the OF github repo or 0.8.4 version? I don’t know if it’s a good idea to stay up to date or it’s not. I am using RPi and iOS 8.1 & Yosemite…so…

that sounds correct, as the project in the iOS package should be set up properly; while if you create one manually, i think the included win32 folder gets put in (which you’ll have to delete if you’re using XCode for the OSX or iOS deployment.

generally I try to use the packaged versions for projects that need more stability since the github version changes on a daily basis and is not always stable. I am starting to keep a copy of the github repo as well as I’d like to keep track of ongoing changes (and possibly contribute to development if I can).

anyway, the iOS OSC examples didn’t had the ofxOSC addon added to the project; so I needed to do it by myself. I always use the addon manager Xcode plugin to do this; because I remember the problems of doing manually some time ago.

(SORRY, DUPLICATED: Since yesterday, when I updated the OF git repo, everything iOS related stopped working. Neither I can’t compile the project generator project. So I am back to 0.8.4.)

Thanks for your tips about the good procedures with packed/git OF versions.