Can't compile ofxKinectV2 Release Build Or Run the Debug .app outside Xcode

Hi, I’m possibly missing some simple configuration, I seem to be able to run it perfectly fine via Xcode as a Debug build, but the compiled app (Debug version) doesn’t run when launching from the Finder.

I can’t seem to be able to build a Release version from Xcode as well with the following linker errors:

Can someone help on what to do? I posted this on the repo as well but haven’t received a response yet.

System Details:
openFrameworks v0.11.2_osx_release
MacBook Pro 16" running macOS Catalina 10.15.7
Xcode Version 12.4 (12D4e)

Hmm - looks like it isn’t linking libusb.

Did you use the projectGenerator to generate the project?
It might not work by just dragging the addon into Xcode.

Updated the example provided with projectGenerator.

Odd thing is that it builds the Debug version fine (and runs) when I do it via Xcode but the compiled Debug version doesn’t run when launching it directly.

Trying to build the Release version gives those errors.

Yeah that is really weird!

For the outside of Xcode errors you can try cd-ing into the app in Terminal into Contents/MacOS/ and running the app from there - it should give you the command output with any errors.

For running it in Release from Xcode - can you look in the other linker flag settings and see if you have the following in there? ( I just tried with the PG and latest release )

Ahh - I wonder are you trying to use ofxKinect too?
There can be issues sometimes with multiple addons that have libusb and I think the ofxKinect one clashes with the libusb in ofxKinectV2