Can't compile: No member named 'getTexturePtr' in 'ofxAssimpMeshHelper'

I am trying to test/compile this example from 2012.

I couldn’t compile it. Although I was using the openCv2 repository (from youtube link) it would fail for me. So I tried the addon and the example
here also including this updated addon. (provided on the same youtube link).

I also couldn’t compile it because of inconsistence btw the provided addon and the app update functions here:

        //tracker.draw(); //HAVE TO COMMENT
        ofDrawBitmapString(getRTMatInfos(rotObjToCam, transObjToCam), 20, 500);

looks like the method draw doesnt exist in FeatureTrackerThreaded…
So I have found a “cleaned up” example here, which seems to solve some of the previous problems but added a new one :sweat:

It is an error on ofxAssimpMeshHelper. Seems like we dont have the getTexturePtr anymore. When I coment meshHelper.getTexturePtr()->bind() and meshHelper.getTexturePtr()->unbind(); I can see the camera starts. But when I hold the checkboard in front of it, the application stops at operations.hpp, line { x = pt.x; y = pt.y; return *this; } EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=1,address=0x32c)
Same thing happens if I change getTexturePtr() to getTextureRef(). However I am not sure if functions are the same.

I am struggling with it a few days, so if anyone could please lend me a hand i would really appreciate.

I just want to make the thing work first.


EDIT; made it work by miracle with the original example (not the addon), after editing the utilities.h and tracker.h classes as commented on some posts here.
*After this, a new error…and that was to do with GLUT…Maybe. Then I commented a line in ofAppGlutWindow.cpp: glutDragEventFunc(dragEvent); than removed GLUT.framework from target>Build Phases>Link Binary… (not from project navigator).

After this I have had some little fight with using dual displays. But in my case, it was a issue in mission control, which prevents windows to extend on different spaces.

Good luck! :wink: