Can't compile iPhoneEmpty Example

Xcode 3.2.2 and iPhone SDK 3.2.
I was able to compile non-iphone projects.

I tried the simple iPhoneEmptyExample and all of the core frameworks are red. If I ‘Get Info’ on one of the red items, it is set relative to current SDK. I’ve tried changing to different versions of the Simulator SDK and compiling but that didn’t help.

It seems like all I have to do is set the path correctly somewhere. Where would this be?


I tried to combine “of_preRelease_v0061_osx_FAT” with “of_preRelease_v0061_iPhone_FAT”. I think that’s what caused the non-compile.

If I open in the pure iPhoneFAT distribution, it compiles, even though a lot of the core framework items are still red. There’s some voodoo here that I don’t understand. :twisted: