Can't compile in DevC

I’ve just finished reading the nice tutorial at:…-cture.html

I fired up DevC and copied an OF example app to make a new folder. When I click on compile I get:

cannot find -lstrmbase
ld returned 1 exit status
C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron\My Documents\cpp\of_preRelease_v0.04_devcpp\0.04_devcpp\apps\graphicsExample2\ [Build Error] [bin/graphicsExample.exe] Error 1

I’ve no idea what this means, but I made no alteration to the program, which means I can’t learn figure out what I can’t compile.

What’s going on here? Can someone help please?

you are missing the two devpacks needed to compile OF

take a look at the instructions in

take care!!

Thanks, works a treat and I’ve been able to start tinkering with the examples.

It’s really odd that when I try to chug C++ it sort of goes gloopy instead of stuttery. I suppose there might be some way of enforcing a framerate but for now I’m quite pleased to be playing with a new toy.

you can try ofSetVerticalSync (and also, with your graphics card you can turn this on / off / application decides) – and also ofSetFrameRate() . we’ve fixed a bug with ofSetFrameRate in the new release 0.05 – you might want to check it out and also, check out codebocks.

We’re going to be suggesting folks move from devcpp to CB since devcpp is not really being maintained and has some problems.

have fun!!