Can't build on Mac Monetrey Xcode 13.4.1

I tried the following:

  • Downloaded of_v0.11.2_osx_release
  • Run example via ProjectBuilder
  • Run but Failed to Build
  • Get Error : *The Legacy Build System will be removed in a future release. You can configure the selected build system and this deprecation message in File > Project Settings.
  • Change to “new build system (default)”
  • Run again and get many Error Reading…:

can you please try to download the nightly builds to see if it runs ok?

Thank you Dimitre. Unfortunately it didn’t work.
although all files are on “read and write”, I get the error “unable to read included file ‘…/Desktop/of_v20230604_osx_release/examples/3d/3DPrimitivesExample/…/…/…/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/osx/CoreOF.xcconfig’”

I attached a screenshot:

This kind of error is novel to me. it seems you have some permission issues in your user.
I’m not sure it will help anything but the next thing I would try was create another macOS user, with administrator privileges if possible and try to run OF from there.

other thing that can be happening is maybe you didn’t authorize your download to be run on Desktop. macOS asks you once. Preferences are saved here:

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