Can't allocate ofFbo via Emscripten

I can render ofImages, however I cannot do this:

    ofFbo fbo;

Here’s a minimal (non) working example (10.8 KB)

The error shows:

exception thrown: abort(5) at Error
    at jsStackTrace (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:1:23216)
    at stackTrace (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:1:23387)
    at abort (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:36:170505)
    at Array._8b (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:29:116330)
    at waa (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:17:97076)
    at uaa (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:17:93500)
    at Array.Ze (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:5:864)
    at Array.of (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:5:1579)
    at Array.i9 (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:17:63744)
    at Ij (http://localhost:6931/fboEms.js:5:59937)

Crashes right at glGenFrameBuffers in ofFbo::allocate.

Tested with latest master. Any thought? Are fbos supported on WebGL/GLES?

Found a related issue on github:

There’s a linked workaround.