Canon SDK / EOS 5D / Mac


after downloading the Canon SDK for Mac I read in the Manual that the EOS 5D isnt supported anymore.
It says: “EOS 5D (EOS 5D cannot be used with Mac OS X 10.5.1,10.5.2))”
Since this is of March 2010 I suppose that all the following OS X won’t be supported either?

Does somebody by any chance have the same case with using a 5D with a Mac and the Canon SDK or even found another solution?


Can’t upgrade to 10.6? They are probably just not supporting 10.5

no, it seems to not work on 10.6, so i was wondering if sombody has the same issue with using a 5D and might have found a way around? or any suggestions…

have a look at gphoto2

easiest way to get it loading images is through triggering it command line with system(exec string) and then opening the images with ofImage

feels a bit messy but it works

the biggest issue i’m have with putting libgphoto2 directly into an oF project, is to build the library in 32bit.
once you’ve got a 32bit libgphoto2.2.4.0.dylib, then you’re in business