Canon SDK and openframeworks

Hi folks,
I’ve started to play again with DSLR and openframeworks, but I’m hitting errors with compiling on OSX both with the library ofxEdsdk from @kylemcdonald, and the more recent library ofxCanon by @elliotwoods. I’ve downloaded a fresh sdk from canon (v13.17) and openframeworks nightly from today. Building on MacOS Ventura and XCode 14.2.

The errors seem wide and I suspect might be related to the version of C++ (from 11 to 17 I’m getting different errors), but I’m not the expert here.

Before I break my head to try to make this work, I’m curious if anyone has experienced errors before and if anyone has​ a fix or a path to fix.



The screenshots are errors from which addon?

Mostly looks like you could add using namespace std; to the top of Device.h to remove a lot of these errors

Thanks @elliotwoods!

Yes, that fixed problem in the addon (ofxCanon), now the errors are primarily on EDSDK.h

i think drill down to look at that EDSIMPORT
dllimport is generally a special word for windows environments
maybe there is a define somewhere that will set which environment it thinks that it’s building for