Cannot use multiple webcams even after AMCAP checks?

Hi everyone,
For some strange reason, I cannot stream two webcams for my application.
Here is the error I get, the graph cannot start:

And here is the setup code (I think this is all you’ll need to get the gist, it’s a basic application):

void ofApp::setup(){
	ofBackground(250, 250, 250);
	oculusRift.baseCamera = &ofcam;

	cam.setDeviceID(0); //right eye
	cam2.setDeviceID(1); //left eye	

	//enable mouse;

The draw method simply draws what the videograbber (currently does not work).
Both cameras work fine on AMCAP at the same time, I can stream the left and right at the same time.

I am running on Windows 7 64 bit, could this be the problem? It is the only lead I have on this so far.

Thanks in advance if someone can help!

Do the cameras work if you run them individually with the OF videograbber example project?

I have had LOTS of trouble trying to get more that 1 camera working with OF. I don’t use Win. but
have issues on Mac and Linux.
If I use other software(e.g gucview on Linux) I can run all cameras simultaneously.

Some times setting a smaller resolution will work.