Cannot run emptyExample

I got these two errors;
Error 2 error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\of_v0.8.4_vs_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\lib\vs\openframeworksLib_debug.lib’ C:\Program Files (x86)\of_v0.8.4_vs_release\examples\empty\emptyExample\LINK emptyExample


Error 1 error C2440: ‘=’ : cannot convert from ‘ofPtr’ to ‘bool’ C:\Program Files (x86)\of_v0.8.4_vs_release\libs\openFrameworks\gl\ofVbo.cpp 330 1 openframeworksLib

I use visual studio, windows 8, 64
since its all of the latest; os, ide and openframeworks code, it should work, but it doesn’t, weird.

Which version of Visual Studio do you have? If it’s not the 2012 Edition I would give it a try with that.


Thnx for the fast reaction :smile:

I have installed;
Visual Studio 2013
v. 12.0.31101.00 update 4
Microsoft net framework, v.4.5.51650


Well that could potentially be your problem then, the setup guide for Visual Studio [1] recommends VS 2012 rather than 2013, try VS 2012 and see how that goes.



Okay then, thanx.

It works!

FYI, there is a VS2013 compatible version:

Nice, I can try that one later, so can keep using 2012.