Cannot load this png file

when i try to load the attached png file with ofImage’s loadImage() function, there is an error saying “[ error ] ofImage: putBmpIntoPixels(): unable to set ofPixels from FIBITMAP”
don’t know why. i can open this png file with other software, e.g., photoshop.
i’m using of0.8.3 on both windows and osx. none of them could load this png file.

It seems your image is not attached – could you try again (I’m upgrading your privileges just in case that was the reason it didn’t upload the first time).

thanks for the quick response!
the image is still uploading. but seems it’s stuck in 9%
with opencv, i load the png file and find that the depth is 16 bit. maybe this is the reason

Hmmm – can you upload the image elsewhere and provide a link?

The 16bit issue may be the reason – but I’m not sure until I see the image and errors, etc.

the image is finally uploaded.
i use xnview to convert the png file to 8bit depth, and then of could load it.

i’m able to load the image you uploaded without problem but i’m on linux where freeimage is updated to the most recent version so that might be the problem.

ofImage should automatically convert 16 bits to 8bits but if it doesn’t you can use ofShortImage to load 16bits images

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Also, we are in the process of updating all libs (including freeimage) for the 0.9.0 release. I’d guess that this is due to the older version of freeimage currently included in the (non-linux) core.