Cannot get spout to run on my own project

Hi everyone.

I managed to get the example openframewokrs project packed in the with the library to work but i cant for the life of me get it to work on my own project.

its almost certainly a visual studio 2019 problem, at first i was getting linker error (which i still have 0 understanding, i just gave it a path to the only .lib files i could find in the download file) now its says this when i go to run.

does anyone know of some good instructions i can find? i must be missing something in the .txt instructions. or do you know how to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!


This means that wherever your .exe app which you are creating isn’t able to find the correct .dll files.

Simplest solution is to find the location of Spout.dll on your laptot and copy it where your .exe file has been created.
If you are usin the project generator then you will find it (the exe file) in the bin folder.

Hope this helps,



Hey @pierre_tardif00 Thanks a bunch for getting back to me.

I got it working! i dont suppose you know of anywhere i can learn about properly installing libraries and about getting visual studio working with those libraries



You are welcome.
Unfortunately no. I’d say that most of the time you only have to do 2 things:

  1. add the correct include libraries folders, (in order to use the functions of the library you are importing)
  2. add .lib files to the linker - precompiled files with functions / objects / classes compiled -.
    But you might have to add your own macros, flags etc… depending on the library you are using, and will find it in the documentation of the library you are using.

Hopde this helps,
sorry don’t know a unique recipie for all projects…