Cannot find ofMain.h

So i have a solution which links to the openframeworksLib project (and it doesn’t give me any errors when i load the solution) as well as my own project.

I can literally see ofMain.h when i expand the project’s tab and look around, yet when i #include ofMain.h it tells me that it can’t find it.

I must be doing something wrong but i can’t figure out what.

My solution folder is in apps/folder1/folder2 so that shouldn’t be the issue.

how is your header testApp? does it use #pragma once or old #ifdef? you shouldn’t has this issue with #pragma once

the header does pragma once then #includes ofMain.h…

When i open the openframeworksLib project, ofMain.h is in libs/openFrameworks… Is this where it should be?

yes, it’s in the right location. How did you create the project? and what OS are you using? normally creating the the project with ProjectGenerator should prevent this kind of issues.