Cannot find-lstrambase

When I am trying to build my workspace file it shows me…cannot find-lstrambase…

check the install guide again, most probably you are missing step e, the one where you need to uncompress some libraries and include files into the mingw installation

also you should be using codeblocks 12.11

I have done the step e but still there is same pblm

this error is for sure related with that step, be sure that you are uncompressing them correctly, you need to uncompress the files inside each folder not the folders, so inside include in mingw you’ll need to uncompress the files in include in the compressed folder not the include folder

i have latest version of codeblocks…
why do we need 12.11 version of codeblocks for developing eyewriter2???

the latest version of codeblocks is fairly new, not even a month i think, so OF doesn’t have support for it yet

Thanks for replying back…
we are working on eyewriter2. we downloaded evertything required…
we downloaded eyewriter s/w from github. what is the file namely RemoteEyetracker.xcodeproj in it.
i don’t think we require this file on windows 7…

Sir I did wat u told but kw I am getting 19 errors

bilal, i found a solution

HogayaHogaya compile

gowa teli compile bilal

Tuhi bowl raga hair I found a solution

chi kyoho lekhan bilaala…
raga, hair hahaha :smile:

Walsall Jo b…moral program basis chalun