cannot expand emptyExample

I’m just starting with xcode and OF. I made a copy of the emptyExample and gave it a new name in the examples folder. It compiled and ran without any obvious problems. Then I replaced the main.cpp, test.cpp and test.h files with copies of the corresponding files from the fontsExample project. It compiles and runs, but only the white background is visible - no text whatsoever. When I compile and run the same code in the fontsExample project, it prints text, both static and animated.

Can somebody please suggest how I might solve this? I could always make a copy of the fontsExample project, but then I am left with the mystery of why a copy of the emptyExample could not be expanded.

I’m using version 3.2.4 of xcode, OF version 0062, and OS X version 10.6.5.

Thanks in advance!