cannot declare field 'ofxCvContourFinder::inputCopy'

I tried to compile with CodeBlocks (Win XP-32) a project with the ofxOpenCv addon, but i got the next error message: ???

C:\of_preRelease_v007_win_cb\addons\ofxOpenCv\src\ofxCvContourFinder.h|57|error: cannot declare field ‘ofxCvContourFinder::inputCopy’ to be of abstract type ‘ofxCvGrayscaleImage’

C:\of_preRelease_v007_win_cb\addons\ofxOpenCv\src\ofxCvGrayscaleImage.h|19|note: because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘ofxCvGrayscaleImage’:

…\libs\openFrameworks\types\ofBaseTypes.h|98|note: ofPixels_&ofBaseHasPixels_::getPixelsRef() [with T = unsigned char]

Somebody can help me? I updated the ofxOpenCv folder (in the 007 FAT version) with the content of, in order to understand the example within the addon.

I appreciate your help, thank you!

Hi, does anyone know a solution to this? I’m trying to get ofxKinect up and running using the example project (following the instructions on github) but I am getting this same error on xcode. Here are the errors:

thanks in advance

Are you sure that the include paths to ofxOpenCV are correctly set and that all the files are included in the project? The compiler can’t find ofxCvColorImage.h or ofxCvGrayscaleImage and so doesn’t know what ofxCvColorImage or ofxCvGrayscaleImage is supposed to be.

Ok thanks for that, I’ve got working now. When I was previously trying to fix a compiling error I decided to update the ofxOpenCv addon from the ofxaddons website. I replaced the existing ofxOpenCv addon with the ofxOpenCv listed on the ofxaddons site (which on second look seems quite old) and I think that messed everything up. I replaced it with the original ofxOpenCv again and it fixed that problem. I guess i should be more careful checking addon freshness…