Cannot convert 'V *' to 'ofVec3f'

Hey community.

I’m updating some code from of 0.93 to 0.10. And I’m facing this error related, I guess, with new glm math.

On this conversion:

ofMesh mesh;
ofVec3f * vecs = mesh.getVerticesPointer();

On of 0.10.1, I get the next error:

error C2440: ‘initializing’: cannot convert from ‘V *’ to ‘ofVec3f *’

Is there an easy way to do this conversion without having to change to glm::vec3??

in this specific case you can surely just cast the pointer and it should work fine:

ofVec3f * vecs = (ofVec3f*)mesh.getVerticesPointer();

Thank you son much, I was trying of the casting with (OfVec3f), I forgot the pointer (OfVec3f*): my mistake. Thank you @arturo