Can you read Prores on a Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask this quick question before I waste too much time trying this. I wanted to be able to play a prores video on a raspberry pi using OFVideoPlayer. Would this be possible at all?


the video player in the raspberry pi uses gstreamer to decode video, you can check if there’s decoders for prores by running from a console:

gst-inspect-1.0 | grep prores

in ubuntu 15.10 i’m getting

libav:  avenc_prores: libav Apple ProRes encoder
libav:  avenc_prores_aw: libav Apple ProRes encoder
libav:  avenc_prores_ks: libav Apple ProRes (iCodec Pro) encoder
libav:  avdec_prores: libav ProRes decoder
libav:  avdec_prores_lgpl: libav Apple ProRes (iCodec Pro) decoder

in any case prores won’t be hardware accelerated so it will surely be slow on the PI

Ok - thanks for this. I will try and see if it can be fast enough.