Can we just fill in ofxbox2d objects

greetings all,

just a simple question, or hope it can be a simple answer.
but im messing with ofxbox2d and was wondering if the objects/balls can be filled. i have tried this and it just seems that they can’t be. in a way yes, they can be, but the line that slits down the middle like a strange vagina just gets bigger, id like to get rid of that vagina line. but im finding it difficult for it to do the things i need, which are simple.

i have coded something in an application called codea [lua programming language], for the padi, and this is able to do what i need. i have thought of textures, but really, id rather stick to simple coloring instead. textures are fine, but id color at this moment.
ive supplied a screenshot from my codea program i made, which is what I’m transferring to oF. but this shows a simple look on what im after using ofxbox2d. ive tried to transfer the code to some affect, but it doesnt get rid of that vagina




You need to create your own “particle” class in wihch you create you particle with ofCrircle, ofTexture or ofImage or whatever you want, create draw() function inside the particle class which you get the position of the ofxBox2d to set the position of the ofCircle ( filled or not you must decide). I think there are some examples of this in Tod Vanderlin repo see this and also tado has other examples a bit outdated .
hope that this will help you.

AH HA!!!

thank you very much