Can’t get OF samples compiled linux debian

i install the of_v0.9.7_linux64_release on linux debian.
install the script successfully.
compile ./ -j3 successfully as well.

but i can’t compile any example:
I’m trying to compile 3DPrimitivesExample and the empty example but i get this make error:

/home/yoo/Develop/of_v0.9.7_linux64_release/libs/openFrameworks/sound/ofRtAudioSoundStream.cpp:8:21: fatal error: RtAudio.h: No such file or directory
#include “RtAudio.h”
compilation terminated.

very frustrated. I don’t know what to do more…
Any Ideas?
Thanks in Advance!!!

this problem has been SOLVED! ( OF 0.9.7 )
on linux Debian should run the ubuntu install dependencies instead of the Debian install dependencies script.

Probably this will be fixed i a near release…

Thank you all!