Can Openframeworks be used for general purpose programming?

Is Openframeworks for only video,image,sound related things or can it be used for general purpose programming like C++ Builder,Qt?

(Actually I had asked a similar question a few years ago but wanted to ask again)

I wrote a program a while ago to help me translate excelfiles
I mean it’s c++ you can do whatever you like with it

But if you don’t have experience with using system gui’s cocoa/microsoft sdk I would stay away from OF as it is now…

The major problem with OF is the GUI … that is GL rendered Gui… you waste precious single threaded GL rendering time to draw the GUI and it looks a bit weird (i think)

…is better to just use the system classes (cocoa mssdk) and attach the items ABOVE the openGL window.

Not to mention the fact that current OFguis are not behaving like real guis, for example basic things like change cursor above items…
use keyboard shortcuts, be able to write in many languages… …etc etc.

also you might need to modify the ofImage class so that it draws under gl 1.1 that most windows 7 machines come with by default…

once you sort the gui
then you get all the benefits of OF…
plus the SUPER FAST C++ awesomeness

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: