Can ofxKinect examples run at 60 or higher FPS? (no the kinect itself)

I have a question about ofxKinect. I’ve notices that in every example I’ve seen the application is itself running at 30 fps even if the source is set to anything higher using ofSetFrameRate(60).

This question comes from the fact that I have a new very fast 6 core processor but ofxKinect seems to set my application at 30 fps and I get little to no speed boost, even when explicitly coded to.

Is it possible to have ofxKinect or the kinect device running at its normal speed (30fps I believe) and have the application run at any other fps?

Thank you all! :smiley:
(The application I’m running is taking an RGB image and an 8 bit depth image at 640x480)

ofKinect’s isFrameNew() won’t be called any faster than 30fps but your app’s framerate can run faster

For example, I remove ofSetFrameRate(60) from the ofxKinectExample the app runs about 200fps

I based my app on that example, so I’ll have to check everything to see what part of my code is actually holding back my application because as you said the ofxKinectExample really does run fast. That is why I was curious.

I only get 50fps tops! may I ask about your OS and processor?

Thank you for the information.

I actually get very inconsistent fps results, now it is 30fps. I’m on Windows 7 on an Intel i7 3.2GHz 6 core processor.

My test was on a new Mac Pro but I would expect similar results from your machine

So I’m either doing something wrong or my application just needs a lot of processing power.

Anyways, that is all I needed to know.
Thanks again!