Can ofxBox2d just do singular objects without vectors?

howdy all,

one thing that has always puzzled me with ofxBox2d is that is really focusses on just using multiple objects, and doesnt really touch on singular entities. and ive been batting round ideas but am getting nowhere that feel at what im after. which is really just the creation of a single entity.

and from all the docs on ofxBox2d, you cant make anything without having to create a vector. but really thats for multiple objects, which is the opposite what im after.

so how can i get around this?
whilst i have done the many examples and plucked at them, just simple drawing of 1 object would be good

thanks if you can help on this


just to bump this up. im still having a hard time with this.

you see, whilst having loads being able to be created is cool. bt would be cool if you can just set one to use box2d. if say you wanted to make a small platformer game. you would only want to set one or 2 to have physics. just as an example