can OF support russian fonts?


i need use russian fonts in OF.
how to do it?


Have you tried doing the same as the “fontsExample” in the OF example folder ?

i tried it firstly. it doesn’t work. only english.

i have just checked it in processing.
processing supports russian (cyrillic) fonts from “box” (by default). you can use utility “create font” from ide to set font.

i have found some topics in the forum. people recommend the use of special lib (for example, ftgl). but it’s complicated and bulky.

can anybody know more simple way?

can you try to save the cpp where you have the text as latin-1 instead of utf-8 and see if that works? i don’t know if you can do it directly from the ide, if not just open the file in a text editor and save it with a different encoding then recompile your program