Can OF handle 6 cams (usb / Ip cam)

Can OF (on any OS) handle 6 USB video cameras, connected via a USB hub?


my experiences with OSX:
we got 4 cameras running. but not stable. we got all sorts of problems:
slide-show-like frame rates and even crashing computers.

3 cameras were quite (not totally) stable with an additional usb pc-express card.

if you need an absolutely reliable flow of images then avoid usb in general. it doesn’t work well enough. and you can’t really extend the maximum cable length. there are some (very expensive) extenders that are supposed to work but they just don’t.
i did an installation with two mac pros and 2 to 3 cameras each. it was a total nightmare.
and: there usually is no way to detect which cam comes first in the list. if the cam doesn’t have a built-in serial number or something like that you’ll never know. and the sequence changes every time you reboot.

but it might depend on the cameras. we used PS3 & xbox cams.
find something else, you’ll save time & stay healthy.


Hi Joerg,

thank you for the info.
Due to a project’s change of venue, we should now employ some 6 internet webcams.

So now it’s a diferent ball game. OF should access 6 cameras from the net.
I see, for a start, that the main computer should have a very high speed web access.

What would be a tested way of sending some 3 to 6 low-res video feeds from a remote location (with one or two computers) to just one remote computer (at instalation venue)?
All computers can be hooked up to the web.

Hi AlexandreRangel,

In our game we used 4 USB webcams. And as jroge mentioned this wasn’t lots of fun. We had some mysterious problems with the computer. Sometimes just everything freezed. We added an extra USB card into the computer and connected two webcams to this new one and the others to the on-board USB ports.

Using 3 USB cams works quite okay, but when we added the fourth problems began. As you’re using IP cams this isnt much related to your projects but I wanted to mention it for others.

For another streaming webcam project we’re using ffmpeg to create a stream that can be read by Flash. There are some projects which let you embed Chromium with the Flash plugin. I can’t remember the name of that Chromium project … sorry.

If you find a solution, please tell us as untill now I haven’t seen a solution which works production-stable without spending lots of money.