Can not include header files

Hi(my english not so very good)
I have just downloaded Open Frameworks for VisualStudio and im able to do simple things like drawing shapes on the screen etc. The problem is that i dont know how to add my own class.
If i add a class consisting of header and .cpp file to “src” directory Im unable to #include header file in “main.cpp”. I dont understand why its like this, “main.cpp” and my class are in the same exact directory and VisualStudio is telling me that there is no header file named like this.

I will be really gratefull for any help

Please check the location of classs.h with Windows explorar. Visual Studio’s solution explore does not reflect actual file tree.

That’s true, thanks for replying. There are only main.cpp, ofApp.h and ofApp.cpp files. But now my question is how to actually add my own class in Visual Studio?

Probably you made a file by right click (or from menu) of Visual Studio. But did not select /src folder.

This case visual studio make a file in the project root folder, in your case /test10. Look that folder and move a header file in the /src folder, then drop a file to visual studio’s solution explorer.

Or you can delete header file and make a new file again with Visual Studio. Select folder carefully.

The point is that I did right click on src directory and still files were created outside that folder. Also when I tried moving files in project folder is still didn’t work. I’m really confused

VS(Visual Studio)'s solution explorer does not show “real” folder structure of your Windows file system.
It is something like a bookmark.

It’s finally working. Thank you.