Can iPad support 6 touch points?

I googled but couldn’t find maximum number of touch points. Then I changed maximum number of ‘ofxiPhone.h’ as 10 and got 6 maximum. It would allow more flexible control with touch points on multi users game.

Jeff LaMarche tracks 10 -…-uches.html

Reply mentioned maximum 11. hmm I just could get 6. Does anyone get more than 6 with ofxIphone?

hmm… i tried setting the maximum in ofxiPhone.h to 10 and I was able to get 7 touches. one thing that seemed like a problem was that when an 8th touch occurred, it took touch id 0, so I was no longer able to track the first touch and didn’t get a touchUp event for it.

Then I tried setting the maximum in ofxiPhone.h to 15. This time, I got 10 separate touches and when an 11th touch went down, it just didn’t register at all (no touchDown event for it), which is the behavior I would prefer to have when max touches is reached. no idea why there are different behaviors with the two different settings though…

Confused by this now. I thought I had seen more points but when using the ofxiPhone touch and acceleration example, I can only get 5 (occasionally 6?) points although NUM_POINTS is set to 10. I have looked at Memo’s Jackson Pollock app and it’s getting 10 touches, so not sure why the test app gets less…?

Hey, actually physically even the iphone can detect upto 11 using private frameworks, its just the public iPhone SDK which returns a maximum of 5.

In the current public version of ofxiPhone there is a hardcoded limit of maximum 5 touches (size of the tracked touch array). So for now you can change that to 10 or 15 (to be uber-safe). Current dev version of ofxiPhone has no limit at all, it uses a dynamic dictionary and I think should actually give slightly better performance too. If you’re feeling brave you can get it from here and give it a shot, but BE WARNED! there are some other radically different experimental mods in there for now (like ES1 vs ES2 pipeline etc) so use at your own risk and definitely not for anything in production (for now).

For the touch demo app, you would also need to change the number of balls created (i think this is in testApp.h). It’s not ‘one ball per finger’, its just a fixed number of balls created, initially 5. Just change that to 10 or 15 or even 20 if you want.