Can iosExternalDisplayExample be used to clone the mobile display on a non-apple TV?

Has someone tried to clone an iPhone display on a non-apple TV, both connected to the same wifi network? I know some ios app can do this to display videos or photos on a TV. The cloning aspect is important, to be able to interact with a gui on the mobile device.

I see there’s a iosExternalDisplayExample but I don’t have a TV to test :slight_smile:

It has to be an airplay device (i.e. apple tv) but you can either clone or have 2 displays (use the phone for control of the external display)

I’m trying to figure out what is needed to do screen mirroring. It seems like with apple tv I need to imitate the functionality of iosExternalDisplayExample.

But then there’s this which apparently would make it easy to use any samsung tv without touching the OF app.

I wonder how many different TV’s and mirroring options there are, and how to cover enough cases. I’ve seen videos in youtube showing that you can broadcast to non-apple tv’s specific apps like youtube or your photo gallery, but apparently there are multiple approaches.

I’ll post an update if I try the samsung approach. Any info about this topic is welcome :slight_smile:

yeah i think airbeam would be the equivalent of using a 3rd party library to broadcast to alternative devices. I think video may be treated differently via airplay (as opposed to content). I think apps like Youtube just send the video URL for the Apple TV to play