Can I run an OF executable in a PC, that does not have OF installed?

Hi all,
I wonder if it possible to get the /bin folder and run it in another computer (with same OS and OSversion of course).
I do not have a 2nd computer without OF and I wonder if anyone knows or could test it out for me.

OS can be any of the 3 main (Win, Mac, Linux) but it would be wonderful if this could be done in linux (ie I don’t care about the rest as long as I can do it in Linux) :smiley:

thank you

yes you can do that, in linux though, you need to run the install_dependencies script (and install_codecs if you are using h264 videos or similar)

On Windows, depending on how you have your build flags configured, the target PC needs to have the VC++ redistributable installed

Just figured I’d drop that here in case anyone needs it later on.

Joshuajnoble is VC+±redist necessary even when soneone builds their app with codeblocks in windows?

Nope, that’s only if you’re using Visual Studio.