Can h.265 / HEVC encoded video be played in OF?

I am on macOS 10.14 with OF 0.11 and wonder if there is an add-on or other way to play back h.265 videos?

Thanks for any advice.

If you can afford some latency, you can try to receive video frames with:

Playback of HEVC to NDI can be done with FFMPEG (command line).

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A possible better method (not tried) would be to use :

How to “hardware decode” HEVC is explained here:

Also look for NVidia’s “Accelerated_GStreamer_User_Guide.pdf” (this forum does not allow me to post more than two links).

hi @stephanschulz!
I would first test GStreamer, as it is already available in OF’s core.
Can you share some video files with which to test?

here are some sample files

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@stephanschulz those videos work with ofxGStreamer, even when it is included in the core you need to install an addon to use it in macos. It has the necesary instructions for setting it up.


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