can anyone show a color track sample please?

Hi all,

i’m just started OF, and i’m not familiar with openCV.
i saw some color-track topics in forum.
Can anyone show a simple but whole color-track sample please?

Thanks very much!!

This is a complete example as far as I can tell.
For 0.04 though.…–open.html


Though I use codeblocks in windows, thanks !!! :smiley:

It implements 3D,coooool!


here’s another one - this uses RGB -> HSV and tracks with hue / saturation thresholds. you can adjust thresholds via key commands:

right now it just does it on an image, but can be easily hooked up for video. One of the groups in class have it working with live video and they’ll post their code soon.

(disregard the calls to change ofxCvColorImage, there was a bug in the prerelease but should be fine in the release… )

take care!

It’s very kind of u! :lol:

Hey I tried out the example that was posted, but I always seem to get the same error regarding “‘ofxCvColorImage’ and ‘ofxCvGrayscaleImage’ does not name a type”… I tried to add the opencv addon, but I don’t really know what’s the problem…probably I’m doing something wrong when I try to do so…

I’m a total newbie when it comes to programming in codeblocks and with of and opencv…I am supposed to make a program that tracks colors in live video, but it won’t seem to work :frowning:

here you go……-r-Tracking