Can anyone recommend a good video recorder for Windows?

I tried to use ofxVideoRecorder with some changes in the Windows environment, but I can’t get it to work. It works perfectly on OS X

I also looked at ofxMovieExporter, but I’m having problems with the libav library (outdated, most likely). I tried to use a recent version of it, but it’s not compatible with the source code.

Are there any other addons I can use to achieve this?

I tested things recently with the branch (mine) you are using, was only compatible with OF 0.8.4. The threading handling has changed in 0.9.0 and is causing errors for windows. I put up a fix and ran a test on my machine and it worked so give it a shot now.

Ah I see. I forgot to mention that I do indeed use 0.9.0. I will give it a try as soon as I can. Thanks a lot for doing this!

I just tried your changes and I managed to make it work. I had to modify the code a bit to be able to compile it on my end. Also, the code as it is (from your fork) doesn’t work on OS X (at least on my machine and my code) so I created a fork where I isolated the unix code from the windows one. Lazy method, I know… I just can’t afford to spend time on modifying addons. I will look more into it after my project iteration.

Thanks again for writing the fix :slight_smile:

on OS X, the frames are recorder, but when I finalise the recording, the video file gets corrupted for some reason and I cannot play it

can you tell me what you modified in order to get it to work. I was going to look through your fork but you essentially duplicated everything and I don’t want to go through to look since a simple compare doesn’t show me anything useful

void ofxVideoRecorder::addFrame()

needs to match the declaration in the header file which is

bool addFrame()

In the header file setVideoCodec() and setAudioCodec() are declared twice.
Also, in the header file I modified these:

bool hasVideoError() { return false; }
bool hasAudioError() { return false; }

They had no body in the cpp file and I just added one with return false; for both of them.

I was trying to integrate this into my big project and I encountered some issues related to the pipes. I am not using audio and it appears that there were some inconsistencies in the code related to this.

Check out this commit at line 1025.

Yeah I forgot to fix that about the numbered pipes, good catch in that regard.

In fact, there are many available tools that can help you. Search Google and you will find a lot. Here I recommend one that I found on Cnet. Working so great a program but hard to believe it is free to use. I am a gamer so that i always take it for recording various RTS games like LOL or Dota. It is called Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder and i am sure you will like it as i do.

Thank you for the link, but I’m building a commercial software and I need my own recording module without using a 3rd party piece of software. The addon we were discussing above works perfectly now.

Cool! Wish you good luck!