cameras for computer vision

hi, i would like to know which are the best cameras for computer vision in openframeworks?
which models or type of cameras do you recommend for computer vision? thanks


It depends on what you are trying to do.

Quite a few of us are using Playstation 3 eye cameras and this driver as its cheap and pretty good

Or you can go with more expensive cameras such as

the best way is to try out everything you can get (without buying) and test it, if it fits for your project.
try every usb, firewire, web cam or cctv cam that you can borrow from friends, etc and see which is best for you, then you can buy something in that direction.
a good source for this is the cctv section of your favorite electronic retailer.

if this thought can help you:
i use an external composite video to firewire converter (canopus advc-55) so i can use every camera that outputs a standard pal signal.