camera streaming from openframeworks over net to a browser

Hi folks,

does anybody have an idea how I can stream my camera images to the browser.

I was thinking about something like mjpeg Streaming on tcp:8081 for example.

many many thanks!

I need really simple solution, i need only one client browser.

best regards

hmm… one way could be to make your openFrameworks app work as a simple HTTP server and then use ajax requests to get the newest frame?

Other way (probably more efficient) would be to use a flash app as the client and connect in a more direct way than HTTP/AJAX.


missed this one.

check ofxHttpServer:

the example in it does just that, it gets an image of the window every certain time and makes it available in an url. then theres a simple html that autorefreshes to show the image.

it’s not really streaming but if you need something super simple perhaps that can do

I was thinking rather for motion jpg (mjpg) encoding on the fly and
using multipart/x-mixed-replace?

Does someone have tried that yet?

best regards

i have something like that working in linux with:

it should work under other platforms by compiling gstreamer and it’s giving some problems for other people.

I am using currently windows/code::blocks
andI was searching for solution, that does encoding of ofxImage(s) to mjpeg and send it over the net to a browser, like:


I will try to compile gstreamer for windows