Camera setup not working properly for CV

I have this very basic question. I might be missing something quite obvious here.

The point is that I’m running different examples of ofxOpenCv and ofxCv.
For some reason, the setup of the camera is not really affecting its resolution.
In example-flow:
The setup doesn’t change the resolution; it has

camera.setup(320, 240, true);

however, it can be any value there, even 0.

I have the same question with examples/computer_vision/opencvExample:
when I uncomment #define _USE_LIVE_VIDEO
I don’t find the way to define the resolution of the camera to be only 320x240. vidGrabber.setup(320,240); //is not really affecting the camera settings.

I’m working on a MacBook Pro 11.5.1, Xcode 13.2.1, OF v0.11.2

I’m not sure why, but recently I couldn’t use less than 640x480 in any webcam, internal or USB.
So I setup them with at least 640x480 and resize accordingly later.
Take a look at the console, it gives you a warning when it is not able to set up desired resolution and framerate

I tried 640 480, but it is still FullHD.
I have an option in setup,

userMask.resize(320, 240);

where userMask is a ofIMage, but that means I would need to resize the camera for each frame.

[warning] ofAvFoundationGrabber: requested width and height aren’t supported. Setting capture size to closest match: 1280 by 720.

OpenCV is usually fast at resizing, but one thing can be improved is:
AVFoundationGrabber actually uses Accelerate to convert camera from BGR to RGBA, and then OpenCV converts it back to BGR, so maybe setting pixels to BGR from start would avoid this double conversion.
A simple shader for channel swap can be used to view image if needed.

Hi, do you mean something like this?
Right now resizing in the update, it goes 60fps.