Camera Optics and Depth of Field

So, I’m doing this project that will consist of a bunch of screens in a shopwindow with a camera pointing out to the street, I’m a DragonFly2 ( which has a CS mount.

I’ve got a 3.5-8.0mm F/1.4 lens for it at the moment.

Something that would be quite handy to do would be to have a lens that I could configure to have a very shallow depth of field, so that things further than say two meters away from the camera would start blurring heavyly.

I’ve been trying to read up on it [1], but if anyone has any tips to share before I start experimenting by purchasing that would be great.



hey there,

i don’t have much experience with computer vision as is, but given the size of your CCD (1/3"), i don’t think you can get a small depth-of-field at that distance unless using a crazy large focal-length telephoto-lens.

A bit of a ghetto trick would be to focus your camera on a 35mm (or medium format) viewfinder…

But the way DOF works would mean that everything close to your camera would also start to blur heavily (if your focus point would be around 2m) and i don’t know if that would be helpful either.



Looks like I won’t have time to try too much stuff for this project now, but I’m going to look into this when I get some time, will post anything I find here.


Hi, I’m interest to use cs mount too. For another project I was using CCTV Tamrom 13VG2812AS this lens is aspherical with :1/3 cctv CS with 2.8-12. mm 1:1.4. Now I’m looking for something similar that I can use with “FireWire camera” like your Dragonfly®2 …

Mine-control now is using standard 1/4" threaded mount… In their last projects they were using 13VG2812AS and analog camera (Sanyo VCB-3385).