camera image is (heavily) interlaced (windows)

i’m having some problems with the camera image being interlaced on windows, i mean really thick lines that are extremely noticeable whenever there is movement!
previously i was using osx and the image was fine, so i dont think it has to do with the hardware, so it might be a problem with directhow?
im capturing through a canopus advc50 getting signal from a surveillance camera, i dont know the model of the camera, but i have worked with it before and never had this problem.
any one had this problem before? any tips on how to solve it?

oh, and i’ve tried the “ghetto deinterlace” code from zach and the image is still interlaced.




if possible, can you post a screenshot of the interlacing?



here it is:

any help would be great :slight_smile:

videoInput which OF uses for videocapture on windows doesn’t have any special handling for de-interlacing at present.

Usually a device which could produce de-interlacing comes with a option in its driver / settings panel to enable de-interlacing. So the first thing I would do is look for another driver or more feature rich driver for the hardware you are using. Some devices are compatible with another companies driver as they often share the same chipsets.

Failing that, you could modify and re-compile videoInput to introduce a de-interlacing filter between the video input filter and the grabber filter. This is not incredibly easy but it is definitely doable. And I would be happy to help if you get stuck.


There’s some deinterlacing code in my Linux DVGrabber if that’s useful, although from the picture this doesn’t look like regular DV miceteeth (because obviously it’s not DV). You might have to experiment a little with different types of deinterlacing, or get a better driver if there’s one available.

Hi. thanks for the suggestions. unfortunately i really dont have time to go around and experiment too much with code. its a shame actually, with all the issues that we had this was the only one that i couldn’t solve… ill try to find better drivers and hopefully that will work.