Callback functions from threaded object in 0.05


I’ve got some problems with unstable timing in 0.05.
I use a threaded object to control a step sequencer. I’ve tried two different version, in both cases the timing is unstable.

In the first version, I used the update function, checking for time changes in the thread and then (if changed) sending the new time to the methods that needed it.

In the other version I set up a vector distributing the time to the methods directly.

The second version was actually more unstable than the first.

Could a callback function provide more stable timing?
How would I best do this?
Or is there another way of doing it?

I’ve tried using a callback function, but didn’t really understand how to do it…

Maybe someone could post an example?

I’m aware that timing is much better in version 0.06, but I’m working on a big project for my masters degree and don’t have time to convert my project now.


Hi Alfred,

could you solve the problem?
I’m on 006, and have timing problems as well.
By the way, do you know how often the update function is updated?