Call URL, discard the reply


I want to call an URL but I don´t need to get the reply of the server, I just want it to start a process (that takes more than 2 minutes)

I have tried with ofURLFileLoader, but I get timeout errors (that start the connection again) and if I clear the object before it finishes, then I get an “Expression: deque iterator not dereferencable” on runtime


ofURLFileLoader floader;  


int floaderInt = floader.getAsync(theUrl,"stringwhatfor");  

I remember that I did this before, but now I cannot find the code or something related in the forums



not optimal but could you just hit another url with a smaller script that returns quickly (for OF) but continues to communicate with the target url?

I would think that curl could work for this, you can try the command line program using a system() call or use ofxCurl