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Hey all. Some great folks that I know are putting on an event to help technologists showcase some of the interesting work that they are doing and to help the technophobic become more comfortable with high tech tools and methods by giving them a chance to engage with this stuff in playful ways. It’s coming up very soon (march 13th!) and they’ve got a few more openings for artists and workshop leaders – maybe you want to exhibit or teach something about what you do. Some text that I didn’t write follows:

“HelloRobot: NYC is an event to get non-geeky people acquainted with technology, with the hope being they will learn to love their gadgets and digital toys the way that we do. If everybody in the world had that relationship, then we would all be free to use technological tools to solve the bigger problems of the world, like rapidly desalinating water to produce fresh water. So, we thought, if people could have the opportunity to play with technology, then that would be an excellent catalyst for loving computers and innovative technical thinking. As such, the event is comprised of interactive art and games, as well as fun, simple workshops that people can sign up for. We have a website up here for more information: . If this sounds like something that’s up your alley and might be fun for you to partake in, let me know!”

There is a budget to compensate artists and educators for materials, and there may be a bit of nominal compensation for time available as well – accessibility is the whole point, of course, so the event itself is free and open to the public.

The notice is short, but if you have something that you’re working on that you’d like to show off, or some knowledge that you’d like to share, this should be a really fun, supportive, neat place to do so. The folks who are putting it together are really great, really supportive and flexible, and absolutely in it to share their love and enthusiasm with the wider world. Let me know if you think you’d like to be a part.

And, of course, please forward widely and deeply – I’m hitting the major geek mailing lists, but certainly not everyone who’d be into it.

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The published text:

This event is free and open to the public! It will be held in NYC in March of 2010. Stay tuned for more information and to sign up for workshops at minimal cost!

Exhibit Your Game
We are currently accepting submissions of interactive digital artwork and games. We are focusing on pieces that emphasize elements of play, collaboration, and intuitive interactions.

Run A Workshop
If you are interested in running a workshop, please contact us. We give priority to workshops that are friendlier to those with no prior technical experience.