Call for Submissions – TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace, interactive art for kids

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I’m posting on behalf of the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace to announce our 2014-Call-for-Submissions. As a non-profit charitable organization, TIFF Kids sincerely appreciates any help you can provide in sharing our call for entries with interactive & new media artists, game designers, and other creators!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2014: Interactive Playground for Children and Families
TIFF Kids is one of the largest children’s film festivals in the world. The TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace – presented during TIFF Kids – is an interactive playground experience planned to run six weeks from March to April 2014. In 2013 over 12,000 family and student visitors ages 3-13 embarked on interactive adventures filled with laughter, learning and engagement with media technologies, art installations, learning-centric games, mobile apps, creative tools and hands-on production activities.


  • multi-user interactive projection pieces;
  • multi-player videogames and interactive play experiences (screen based and non-screen-based);
  • VR (e.g. Oculus Rift), interactive holography, innovative or immersive visualization experiences;
  • moving image based digital creative tools, digital modeling activities, interactive animation, stop-motion animation;
  • innovative media interfaces and/or interactions driven by gestural, thought-controlled and other unconventional inputs (e.g. multi or single user experiences enabled by LEAP Motion, Kinect, MYO, custom sensors, etc);
  • “DIY Maker” experiences, technologies and toys, robotics, creative circuits, 3D printing / modeling, “Internet of Things” applications, open source DIY fabrication etc encouraging creation, invention and remixing etc;
  • activities related to web and digital literacy, “creative coding”, videogame making; (e.g. SCRATCH, Mozilla’s Hackasaurus, Processing, Arduino etc);
  • augmented reality;
  • mobile apps (iOS).
  • _ The above are listed only as examples and are not intended to be restrictive format criteria._


For more information or to submit, please visit the TIFF-Kids-digiPlaySpace-Submissions-Page.

Thank you SO MUCH for any help sharing this!

If you would like to help spread the word on Twitter, or if you know of a blog or media outlet that would help share this, my contact info is below and for your consideration:

  • #TIFFKids digiPlaySpace seeking interactive art, videogames & more! Full details on Submissions page @TIFF_NET

  • Images that can be used for blog thumbnails etc are-here.

  • Video highlights from last year are available, the embed code is

  • Full info is on the Submissions page:


Nick Pagee
Curator, TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace
Programmer, TIFF Kids International Film Festival
npagee [at]

Aha~ At the very first sight of your thread, I thought it was some problems dealing with TIFF-processing, and I would have suggested you google some image-toolkits to help you with the related work. Now I realize that you are calling for submissions of the image art work. I will do what I can to help you call for submissions because that I think it is a meaningful activity. I hope you success. Good luck.

Best regards,