Call For Proposal – Wave Field Synthesis System Residency @A+E Lab

A+E Lab is proud to partner with The Game of Life to offer a Wave Field Synthesis System (WFS) Artist in Residency at A+E Lab.

The residency will offer:

  • An introductory session with the creator of the WFS
  • Days at A+E Lab to compose on the system
  • Residency week commencing 24th October (optional)
  • Public Sharing Event on the 30th October (optional)

The residency will be tailored according to availability of the A+E Lab, Game of Life and the selected artists. The residency and sharing event will need to be completed by the end of December 2022. We accept an individual or group proposal and for a new or ongoing project. We can also assist you on the accommodation options if required.

Application Form:
Application deadline: 31st July 2022
Outcome notification: w/c 29th August
Residency location: A+E Lab, Central Boiler House, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, ME4 4TE
Link to website for more details: Opportunity — AΦE

About WFS
Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) is a sound production technology designed specifically for spatial audio rendering. Virtual acoustic environments are simulated and synthesised using large arrays of small loudspeakers. The innovation of this technology is that sound can appear to emanate from desired virtual starting points, and then move through space in pathways defined by the composer/performer. The WFS system from The Game of Life consists of 192 speakers and 24 subwoofers, which are arranged around the audience in a square formation of 10x10 meter. It is unique in being the world’s first and probably only portable WFS system. Within the formation of speakers, sounds can be composed to move over trajectories in and outside the listening area: locations are thus not limited to the positions of the speakers. The system supports simultaneous playback of 100+ static sources and around 30+ moving sources. It also provides the possibility to render live audio input and control any parameter within the software (positions, movement, effects) using OSC or MIDI controllers. The interface is graphical and does not require programming experience to use. However, if you are familiar with Supercollider (or similar) it can be scripted and extended.

About A+E Lab
A+E Lab is a home to AΦE, a UK-based dance company renowned internationally for their innovative use of technology. Since 2022, as the Associate Artist of the Institute of Culture and Creative Industry (iCCi) - University of Kent, AΦE is based in the Historic Dockyard Chatham where they have launched the new A+E Lab with a vision to engage with the local community in a way that is both accessible and sustainable. A+E Lab is a space where unique artistic experiences using art and new technologies can be thought through, developed and created together by artists, researchers and experts in their fields.

A+E Lab is supported by Arts Council England, The Institute of Creative Industries (ICCI) - University of Kent and Visual Elements