Call For Projects - Media Lab Melbourne Sprint #2 : UNCONSTRAINED

Call For Projects - Sprint #2 : UNCONSTRAINED
Technological frontiers have expanded beyond the ability of an individual to comprehend their complexity. Yet, these frontiers permeate our everyday experiences. How does your smartphone function? How was your toaster made? What tools do you use to earn money? How many different forms of communication do you experience in one day? How well do YOU understand the technology in your life? How well do you need to?
We are seeking proposals for devices or services as statements on the complexity of our everyday technology and systems. You, Media Lab Melbourne and collaborators will help realise them during a sprint over 9 days beginning on the 21st of January 2012.

The deadline for applications is Monday 12th of December. Everyone is welcome to apply. As this is a collaborative sprint it is not important what skills you have but how effective your idea is!
Media Lab Melbourne will support projects with technical and production support. Should a person live interstate and wish to attend, we are also able to provide basic travel and accommodation for the duration of the sprint.
Selected participants will be notified on the 16th of December.
At this point there will be a second call for collaborators to assist in the creation of the selected projects. Applicants who are not selected in the initial call are welcome to participate as collaborators.

How To Apply
Create a .pdf explaining your proposed project of a file size that is less than 10Mb and send it to

Please respond to the following questions in your application:
What is your project about?
What kind of assistance would you require to realise this project?
What would be your role/contribution to the realisation of the project?
What impact do you think your project would have on the everyday or to the broader community?

We will also be assessing the feasibility of an outcome within the sprint time-frame as well as relevance to the theme.
DEADLINE: Monday 12th December.

Media Lab Melbourne is based in the city of Melbourne, Australia. We now have a new home in the heart of Collingwood and are looking forward to sharing it with you as it is an enormous 700 square meters! We are still setting it up but rest assured it will be up and running for our sprints in early 2012.
We will keep you posted as to how it will function we hope that you get to enjoy it as much as we do!

What is a Sprint?
Sprints are all about getting something done! There are three phases to a sprint:
Call for projects on a theme.**
Project proposals are submitted via email. Submissions will undergo a selection process and a budget will be allocated to each projects for materials and production costs. Technical assistance will be offered to projects during the sprint. Interstate applications will be considered. Travel and basic accommodation will be provided to selected applicants. Project initiators should be available for the entire duration of the sprint.
Call for collaborators.**
Once projects have been selected a second call for collaborators will be announced. Collaborators choose a project that is of interest to them and will assist in the realisation of that work during the sprint. Project collaborators may come from diverse backgrounds and need not have any formal creative or artistic training. In the weeks leading up to the sprint, collaborators and project initiators are encouraged to prepare and exchange ideas via the forums on the Media Lab Melbourne site. Collaborators need not attend the entirety of the sprint, but are encouraged to participate as much as possible.
8 days of production + 1 day exhibition**
The sprint will begin with a presentation of the theme and of each selected project. Sprints will run over two weekends and the week in between. On the final Sunday each project will be presented and the outcomes discussed. All projects will be documented on the Media Lab Melbourne site.