Call for OpenFrameWorks educators


I’m currently trying to set-up an OpenFrameworks/C++ support group in Montreal. This initiative originated from the discussions of fellow artists and designers that felt the need to switch to a C++ development environment for various reasons.

We are mainly Max/MSP and Processing users that wish to develop computationally intensive projects that might profit from a C++ backbone. None of us are actual C++ developers.

I was wondering if a proficient OpenFrameworks users/developers on this list would like to be invited (transportation+salary would be covered) for a one week workshop in Montreal to kickstart our activities?



I would love to.
My main OF experience was building the VJ app Quase-Cinema (

I love Montreal and I’d love any excuse to see the city again.

this sounds great. if it happens to be the week of march 15th, then I’m definitely interested

yes! :slight_smile:


I’will be in Montréal april and may, I’m don’t be good enouth to teach c++ deeper, but love just to meet some interested guys and sharing experiences.

Maybe we could plan a meeting, around OF and beers.


I live In Buffalo, I’d love to help out.