Call for addons you want to get fixed

Hi everyone,

As one of the results of the openFrameworks Contributors Conference, we formed a team to focus on submitting PRs focused on fixing old addons or coordinating the transfer of specific “orphaned” addons.

We’d love to know what are the most important addons you want to see get fixed! We will make a list based on everyone’s recommendations and start working on them.


That’s great!
I will review them and post later.
(I have tried to use several lately and largely ran into various issues and ended up mostly engineering my own.)

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I welcome this,
I suggest to bring VR/AR on OF back to life!

  • ofxOculusRiftCV1
    only works on 098
    no controllers implemented
  • ofxOpenVR
    needs an oculus sdk update, does not work currently
    I have actually made an update and made it working again with 0.10, will try to post it in december
  • ofxARCore
    does not work to my knowledge or uses old android sdk

best, Mik


I have used a branch of ofxArCore recently (on the app weird cuts) and it worked OK. see also


it would be nice to have ofxTimeline working again, maybe it would be easier now that we can use ofxAudioFIle instead of ofxAudioDecoder


thank you Zach!

Just a question: as some forks were already fixed but hard to find (between outdated forks) how they will be mark as “officially functional”? will be there a central repository of working addons?
it would be great to have a compatibility tag too, like compatible with 0.10

Answering the question: memo ofxEtherdream, some minor fixes like an updated version of libEtherdream and some tiny startThread updates.


Also VR, I have tried to make some fixes to ofxopenVR and have a fork and another version. The sdk has changed significantly since it was made and it’s out of my league to re-write. I have managed to update to later versions of openvr but it’s using legacy calls.

Getting up to date VR in OF would be great.


There is a fork that works quite well for me audio and video included.


I think in general due to the number of original repos that have functioning forks (that don’t turn up fast in a search) it would be good to also just push a bit more for the updates to be committed to the original repos. This is a complicated issue I guess with different styles and solutions.


The OF team is working on the redesign of
One of the new function will be: highlight the most recent & functional fork. Hope this can help people to find the ideal addons faster.
For now this is still under construction, and we are collecting the most popular addons to start with, will keep everyone posted if this officially come out!


I would like to see an updated version of ofxMavlink, it could be awesome to be able to control a Micro Air Vehicle (Drone) from openFrameworks app. One application that come in my mind could be controlling trajectory of swarm of drones synchronized with video projection using ofxTimeline.

I would love to see that the machine learning addons are working with 0.10.x versions. I wanted to try ofxMSATensorFlow which did not compile, but i never had a deep look to be honest.

ofxDmx needs a bit of love: (updated fork but still uses GLUT by default in examples)

i am using this fork:
and it works, there even a pr:
@kylemcdonald maybe you can merge it?


I tried ofxVideoRecorder and forks but none of them works on macOS.
It compiles but generated video file is broken.
Would like to put this to the list of extinct addons.

It works on Ubuntu btw

Hi, I have a fork which optimizes the cpu/threads usage a huge amount.

Currently, @memo 's implementation has a thread constantly running, which ends up using almost a 100% of a single cpu core. The update I made make this go down to less than 15%.


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Sweet! I’ll check it out soon. Did you update libEtherdream too?

I dont remember. I would say I did but I can not remember.