Calibration.ccp - unknown type name 'ofXML'

hi guys

I’m having a issue building my project for ios. the code stops at

ofXml xml; (line 162)

it sais Unknown type name ‘ofXml’

why is this? what can i do to correct thing.

when i type

ofFile myFile

its fine why isn’t it accepting this xml variable type initialisation?

I have the same problem on of 0.9.3 qtCreator 3.6.1 Ubuntu.
I think it cames from ofxCv
Here is the output from ofxCv example-face

/OF/addons/ofxCv/libs/ofxCv/src/Calibration.cpp: In member function ‘void ofxCv::Calibration::loadLcp(std::__cxx11::string, float, bool)’:
/home/bkb/programok/OF/addons/ofxCv/libs/ofxCv/src/Calibration.cpp:161:9: error: ‘ofXml’ was not declared in this scope
         ofXml xml;

/OF/addons/ofxCv/libs/ofxCv/src/Calibration.cpp:162:23: error: **‘xml’ was not declared in this scope
         bool loaded = xml.load(ofToDataPath(filename, absolute));**
Process failed with exit code 1.
The following products could not be built for configuration qtc_Desktop_6681c16b-debug:

I am also waiting for help.

That’s odd. Does it help if you explicitly include the file?

#include "ofXml.h"

Hi underdoeg!

Thank you, your suggestion helped in solving this.
I’ve added:

#include "ofXml.h"

to file


now ofxCv.h looks like this:

 #pragma once
 #include "ofXml.h"
 // cv
 #include "opencv2/opencv.hpp"

 // ofxCv

I could compile example-face on OF 0.9.3 qtCreator 3.6.1 Ubuntu.
I1ve tried to add #include “ofXml.h” into files: main.cpp ofApp.cpp ofApp.h without success and I’ve tried this solution but it didn’t work.