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I do have a question regarding cable lengths. First, I do have a firewire camera which I want to connect to a computer 50 feet or more away from the camera itself. Second, I need to bring back the VGA signal from the computer to a projector which is also going to be 50 feet away from the computer. The long story short is, my equipment room is going to be one floor below the camera and projector and I need to run LONG lengths of cables between those.

Now I have never done such a thing regarding the cable lengths, I am not even sure where to look for those cables but more than that I am wondering if the signals would get affected(delay? loss of details?) because of such lengths. I remember reading something related to this but I cannot find it right now and I desperately need advices.



There are a few options. The first is firewire extenders, which we have used, but are somewhat fragile and I wouldn’t recommend for more than a 50 ft. length. The second option is to convert to ethernet and run that cabling, which requires encoders on both ends of the cabling. If you go this route speed can definitely be a issue.

For what it is worth, I try to use analog cameras for long cable lengths and just convert on the computer side. There is also fiber, but I usually can’t afford that :wink:

We just used these for a project…

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If you feel venturous you can try out one of these newer gigE-Vision cameras. They make a lot of sense on paper since they run straight over gigabit ethernet (you can network them just like any other gig ethernet device) and usually have a cross platform API. I found that Prosilica has the best documentation online and their cameras look really good. What’s not so cool about them is their price. Cheap camera (eg: GC750 ) means for them $800 :frowning:

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I recently used three iMacs with three ptgrey cameras and three sets of Unibrain CAT5 Repeater-400 from They worked perfectly, and even didn’t mind being unplugged and replugged. I ran over 50m of cat 6 between the camera and the iMacs, with no problems.



In a recent project we used analog cameras [with a video capture board of course] and video etehrnet extender [such-as- … not HDMI though].